Relations between PISAI and Shii community

In the context of relations between PISAI and the Shia community Professor Christopher Clohessy was invited to participate in many events in London: in August 2018 he gave a short presentation on the third Shii imam, al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali, for the London-based organization WhoisHussain. On Tuesday 4 September Prof. Clohessy addressed a gathering at the Hyderi Islamic Center on the topic Eid Mubahala and the Legacy of Fatima. The gathering was chaired by Dr Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, and Prof. Clohessy presented a paper concerning aspects of the life of Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima. In September 2018, he also gave an extended interview to the London-based Ahl al-Bayt TV about the presence of Zaynab bint ‘Ali at the Battle of Karbala’. This interview is available here. Recently, on the weekend of 10/11 November, Prof. Clohessy represented PISAI at an interfaith conference organised by the al-Khoei Foundation around the figure of al-Husayn. He presented a paper on the grandson of Muhammad as archetypal exemplar and model for all people, irrespective of religion, language or nationality.

The Pisai



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