Registration must be completed before the beginning of the academic year by all students and for each year of study. Exceptions to this rule may be considered occasionally for individuals on receipt of a written request from the candidate. The licentiate programme must be completed within a maximum period of nine years after first registering for courses.

Requirements for registration
•    Registration form (available from the Secretary or online at the PISAI website)
•    2 recent passport photos
•    Photocopy of a valid identity document
•    Photocopy of academic qualifications already obtained with originals to hand for verification
•    Letter of introduction from a competent ecclesiastic authority

Categories of students
•    Regular: those seeking to receive the academic qualifications of Licentiate or Doctorate
•    Special: those following one or a number of courses and presenting themselves for the corresponding exams, with the possibility of requesting the credits/ETCS for those courses and receiving the Certificates in Islamic Studies (Levels I and II)
•    Auditing students: those who enrol for individual courses or seminars and are entitled to a certificate of attendance. Unregistered students may not attend Arabic language classes.

Registration in other faculties
Regular students may not enrol as regular students in another faculty. They may, however, attend courses in other faculties with permission from the respective academic authorities providing there is no clash with courses at PISAI, attendance at which is obligatory.

Admission requirements
Candidates intending to register as regular students in the Licentiate programme must have completed the Baccalaureate in Theology or an equivalent qualification (Cycle I)
For the normal running of the programme of studies, whether in the Arabic language or in Islamic Studies, students should have prior knowledge in the following areas:

• A good or very good knowledge (Level C1/C2) of one of these two languages: English and Italian.
• A basic/fair knowledge (Level A2/B1) of the other language, at a level which enables students to follow lessons without too much effort.

This basic requirement, especially regarding Italian, is in line with the requirements of the Pontifical Roman Universities. Although knowledge of French is not a mandatory requirement, it will be highly considered in view of admission.

Registration Fees
Full time (Licentiate programme)
•  Introductory Year                       € 3000
•  Licentiate 1st Year                     € 3000
•  Licentiate 2nd Year                   € 3000

Part Time (Islamic Studies)
•  Islamic Studies – Level 1          € 1000
•  Islamic Studies – Level 2          € 1000
•  Islamic Studies – Level 3          € 2000

Pending thesis defence*            € 1000
* This annual fee must be paid by students of the Licentiate cycle who, having completed all the required courses and exams, must defend their Licentiate thesis at a date after the completion of the final examinations.

•  Presentation of topic               € 500
•  Annual registration                  € 800
•  Presentation of thesis             € 500
•  Defence                                     € 500
•  Doctorate Diploma                  € 200



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