Gianluca Parolin at IX Islamic Legal Studies Conference

Gianluca Parolin (Agha Khan University, London), visiting professor at PISAI, participated in the IX Islamic Legal Studies Conference, convened by the International Society for Islamic Legal Studies (ISILS), held under the auspices of the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, Finland, on 6-9 June 2018. The conference was divided into two parts. The first part took place in Helsinki on June 6. It consisted of a themed day, with a keynote address by professor Frank Vogel (Harvard Law School) and an invited panel of five speakers presenting on the subject of “Islamic Law and the Relationship between Ruler and Ruled”. The second part took place in Tampere over two-and-a-half days, beginning on June 7. It was made up of twenty presentations on Islamic law, diverse chronologically and regarding topic, divided among five panels. Among the presentations, ‘Al-Ṭahṭāwī “Translating” the 1814 French Charter: Crafting a New Semiotics of Law and Governance in 19th-Century Egypt’, by professor Gianluca Parolin.

The Pisai



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