Pope Francis' Audience to the Roman Pontifical Universities

On the morning of 25 February 2023, the Holy Father received in audience rectors, professors, students and staff of all the Roman Pontifical Universities, Faculties and Pontifical Institutes under the CRUIPRO. The PISAI delegation included the Director of Studies Prof. Martin Awaana Wullobayi, M.Afr., the Secretary General Fr. Francesco Baronchelli, some representatives of the teaching staff and a large group of students.

In his address, the Holy Father urged the Pontifical Academic Institutions to “create a chorus”, to open up to new synergies and work together “with enthusiasm and foresight”. Pope Francis emphasised that “the university is the school of agreement and consonance between different voices and instruments: ‘the place’ where different types of knowledge and perspectives express themselves in harmony, complement, correct and balance each other. A harmony that must be cultivated first of all starting from oneself, tuning the three intelligences that vibrate in the soul: mind, heart and hands’. (Vatican News 25/2/2023).

Ph. credits Vatican Media

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