«Maison de la Sagesse»: participation of Mariangela Laviano

On 18 and 19 November 2021, Professor Mariangela Laviano of the PISAI took part in the third stage of the seminar “Maison de la Sagesse” organised by the Institut Catholique de la Méditerranée in Marseille, together with the research group made up of theologians, thinkers and educators from Mediterranean countries.

In this context, a reflection upon issues related to identity, belonging and the construction of a common citizenship in the Mediterranean, Professor Laviano presented the philosophical theory of the Tunisian intellectual Fathi Triki (born in Sfax in 1947), a theory known as “living together in dignity”.

Two interesting workshops were held during the event: the first was attended by Nayla Tabbara, a Muslim theologian, director and co-founder of the Adyan Foundation; the second was held at the Saint-Mauront School in the Felix Pyat district, where seminar participants were able to meet educators and heads of Catholic, Jewish and Muslim educational institutions and discuss the relationship between religion and education in the Mediterranean area.

The Pisai



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