Veccia Vaglieri Fund

In 2018, the PISAI Library acquired from the Asia, Africa and Mediterranean Department of the University of Naples ‘L'Orientale’ a considerable fund that formed part of the private university library of Laura Veccia Vaglieri (1893-1989), Italian Orientalist and Professor Emeritus of the ‘L’Orientale’ University.

The substantial work of controlling and reordering the acquired fund took time and attention, but finally it was possible to honour the right tribute to a protagonist of Italian Arabism and Orientalism, who contributed to the studies of this sector with an internationally recognised scientific literary production.

In fact, a first group of texts, about 500 titles, including books, essays and extracts from articles or monographs, and magazines - in various issues or entire collections - some of which were newly introduced or to complete those already in the possession of the PISAI, have been registered and catalogued. The texts received, in Arabic and Western languages, as well as in Hebrew, Turkish and Urdu, cover various disciplines such as Arabic linguistics, history and institutions of the Arab-Islamic world, Arabic literature, Islamic theology, the Koran and Tafsīr.

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