“PISAI Alumni Association” is coming
Our Institute is organising the “PISAI Alumni Association – PAA” in order to create a network for former students to maintain and strengthen the links among those who shared the same interests and aims: study of the Arabic language and of Islam, Christian – Muslim dialogue. We are designing services and initiatives that PAA will offer to its members.

If you studied at Pisai and you wish to receive information, please fill in your name, surname and e-mail. 
Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies

The PISAI is a study and research centre where all academic and scientific activities aim at preparing students to meeting with muslims (muslim-christian dialogue), respectfully and in mutual understanding. The specialized formation, offered by the Institute since more than 50 years, is based upon the intensive study of the Arabic language, considered the main and privileged way of approaching fundamental islamic texts. The teaching of Islamics presents the most important events and topics of traditional Islam in a spirit of scientific neutrality. The teaching stages follow an educational progress above all aimed at the acknowledgement of the other person’s right to being different.