Congratulations to the new doctor Jesús Manuel Calero Pereda

On Monday, 20 February 2023, Jesús Manuel Calero Perera, S.X., brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis entitled ‘Les Attributs de Dieu dans Al-Manhaǧ al-farīd de Muḥammad al-Wālī al-Fulānī: Tradition manuscrite et enjeux Philosophico-Théologiques’, at the Maurice Borrmans Library of the PISAI. The dissertation focuses on the main work of the first author from the Chadian region whose writings are preserved, who lived in the late 17th and early 18th century.

The examining board was composed of Prof. Wasim Salman (PISAI, thesis moderator), Prof. Celeste Intartaglia (PISAI) and Prof. Tal Tamari (Institut des mondes africains, CNRS Paris). Prof. Diego Sarrió Cucarella, President of PISAI, chaired the defence, which was held in French.
The PISAI congratulates Jesús Manuel Calero Pereda on his excellent achievement.

The Pisai



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