Se Comprendre (1956-2013) available online

PISAI is pleased to announce the online publication of the complete collection of Se Comprendre, a bulletin launched by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) in France in 1956.

The bulletin had the initial task of helping Christians to better understand Muslims who had arrived from North Africa to work in France: the information was primarily for social or medical workers, members of migrant aid associations and pastoral agents in contact with Muslims. The aim was not to give technical or academic information, but to provide as clear and appropriate guidance as possible on a wide range of topics.

Se Comprendre ended in 2013. The last director, Jean-Marie Gaudeul, M.Afr., professor emeritus of PISAI, wishes that the whole collection, through the Institute’s website, be made available to all those who seek to promote the culture of dialogue, reciprocal knowledge and collaboration between Christians and Muslims.

We thank professor Gaudeul for his generous offer to provide free access to this rich practical documentation that spans more than half a century of history.

The Pisai



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