"Tolleranza? Meglio il dialogo". New publication by Adrien Candiard

The PISAI is pleased to announce the publication of Adrien Candiard’s book, Tolleranza? Meglio il dialogo. Il caso-Andalusia e il confronto tra le fedi (Libreria Editrice Vaticana 2022), originally published in French as En finir avec la tolérance? Différences religieuses et rêve andalou (PUF 2014).

The author writes: “Medieval Spain has often been portrayed as a place of tolerance and harmony by way of syncretism or indifference toward religious differences, necessarily judged superficial or secondary. This view projects onto Andalusia a much later model, that of Western modernity, preventing us from seeing the obvious: Andalusia was first and foremost a land of dialogue, often bitter, certainly, sometimes violent, but also extraordinarily rich. And the horizon of this dialogue, which took the form of disputes, polemics or simple conversations, was precisely what we thought it best to renounce: the untiring and demanding search for truth” (p. 27).

Adrien Candiard (Paris, 1982), visiting professor of Islamic theology at PISAI, is a Dominican friar in Cairo, Egypt, where he is a member of the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies (IDEO). His recent publications in Italian include La speranza non è ottimismo. Note di fiducia per cristiani disorientati (EMI 2021), Fanatismo! Quando la religione è senza Dio (EMI 2021), Sulla soglia della coscienza. La libertà del cristiano secondo Paolo (EMI 2020) and Comprendere l’islam. O meglio, perché non ci capiamo niente (EMI 2019).

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