New book by Mario Campli

The PISAI is pleased to announce the publication of the book by Mario Campli, a former PISAI student, Islamization and Radicalisation. Saggio su Olivier Roy e Gilles Kepel (Cavinato, Brescia 2021), with a preface by Francesco Zannini, a former PISAI professor.

In the book, the author questions some aspects of the radicalisation of Islam by analysing the positions of Olivier Roy and Gilles Kepel, well-known Arabists and political scientists. Their investigation, starting from the same ground of analysis, has developed two different visions, thanks to which the author concludes that to “get out of the chaos” both approaches are necessary.

After studying theology and philosophy, Mario Campli graduated in Sociology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. His publications include Europa. Boys and Girls Rewrite the European Dream (Marotta&Cafiero, Napoli 2014).

The PISAI warmly congratulates Mario Campli.

The Pisai



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