Il beato Raimondo Lullo: new publication by PISAI

The PISAI is pleased to announce the publication of the book Il beato Raimondo Lullo: il personaggio e il suo rapporto con l'Islam (Roma 2021), edited by Professor Diego Sarrió Cucarella, MAfr, and prefaced by Cardinal Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, MCCJ, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

Published in the series "Studi arabo-islamici del PISAI", this work brings together contributions from ten international scholars who present the figure of the Majorcan Ramon Llull - the christianus arabicus, as he liked to name himself - in his many aspects, particularly in his relations with Islam. In his numerous works in Latin, Arabic and Catalan, there emerges the common thread of his desire to make known to all the message of the Creator's love in all the lands that could be seen from his native Majorca: a Mediterranean which he knew and described as 'the sea of the one God and of the many communities of believers'. As Cardinal Ayuso notes in his preface, "Llull is a complex character, with modern intuitions, a very fertile author and the bearer of seeds of dialogue to which we should look today".

The book includes essays by Óscar de la Cruz Palma, Alexander Fidora, Annemarie C. Mayer, Marta M. Romano, Fatiha Benlabbah, Simone Sari, Maribel Ripoll Perelló, Jordi Gayà Estelrich, Xavier Calpe Melendres, O.F.M., and Hans Daiber.

In addition to the aforementioned preface by Cardinal Ayuso, the book includes two prologues by Sebastià Taltavull i Anglada, Bishop of Majorca, and Armand Puig i Tàrrech, Rector of the University Athenaeum 'Sant Pacià' of Barcelona, as well as an introduction by the editor of the publication.

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