Studi Ecumenici: article by Valentino Cottini

In issue 1-2 / 2019 of the journal Studi Ecumenici, entitled ‘Dialogo islamo-cristiano: prassi e prospettive (Islamic-Christian Dialogue: Practice and Perspectives)’ there is an interesting contribution by Prof. Valentino Cottini, professor at PISAI: ‘Francesco nel dialogo islamico cristiano oggi (Francis in Muslim-Christian Dialogue Today)’, pp. 25-48. In his article Prof. Cottini underlines how Pope Francis “by his own admission, follows in the footsteps of his medieval namesake. And even in Muslim-Christian relations he seems to follow the form and method of St. Francis, privileging interpersonal encounter, esteem and trust over learned abstract theological commentaries, without however denying their value”.
Among others, there is also an article entitled ‘Francesco e il Sultano Muhammad (Francis and Sultan Muhammad)’, by Yahya Pallavicini, alumnus of PISAI, President of CO.RE.IS (Religious Islamic Community) Italy.

Studi Ecumenici is a quarterly journal of scientific character published by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies San Bernardino of Venice. The journal aims to be an instrument of ecumenical formation and theological research, and a means to foster theological dialogue between churches.

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