Etudes Arabes 116

This edition of Etudes Arabes (n° 116), Le commentaire coranique au vingtième siècle, is dedicated to the new trends in this field of study.
The Qur’ān has a new centrality in contemporary Arab-Muslim thought: the great problems of dogma, religious identity and the ethical-social behaviour of Muslims are today dealt with by recourse to sacred texts even more so than in the past centuries. The texts translated in this issue of Etudes Arabes represent the reflections of some intellectuals, from different backgrounds and formation, who are looking for new methods of Commentary: Ḥasan Ḥanafī, Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd, Maḥmūd Zaqzūq, Idrīs Maqbūl, Muḥammad Shahrour.

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