Etudes Arabes 113: Damas. Ville de charme et de poésie

The latest issue of Etudes Arabes is now available: ‘Damas. Ville de charme et de poésie’. This issue of Etudes Arabes presents a selection of texts related to the city of Damascus and the region of Syria (bilād al-Šām), ranging from some lyrical descriptions (Muḥammad Kurd ‘Alī) to literature celebrating the virtues of the region (al-Šām) (Ibn Mūraǧǧā al-Maqdisī). The output of Arabic literature in this area is very rich, and underlines the interest in this city of ancient tradition as well as its pleasant geographical situation, in the centre of a green area with a perennial supply of water. Etudes Arabes, as is its tradition, offers some unpublished texts on a monographic topic, with translations from Arabic to English, French and Italian, parallel with their Arabic text.

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