islam & otherness

The 3rd International Congress of PLURIEL will take place in Beirut, Lebanon, from 14-17 April 2020, at the University of Saint Joseph, under the title 'Islam & Otherness'.

The PLURIEL network aims to promote links between researchers working on Islam and Muslim-Christian dialogue, in connection with Eastern Christians, and to foster interaction between academics, social actors and economic organizations. The network gathers 150 researchers and 15 thematic groups. PISAI is an academic partner of PLURIEL Network.

'Islam & Otherness'

True acceptance of otherness in a globalized and pluralistic world allows us to measure the capacity of religious, philosophical or political thought to fit in and assume the contemporary societal dynamics inherent to globalization (Taylor). This acceptance is not devoid of resistance that stems from the rise of entrenched expressions of identity founded particularly on a vision of equality that is based on the "similar" which assumes a historical-ethnic or religious identity. At the same time, the philosophy of interculturality and the policies of multiculturalism consider and support pluralism and multiculturalism (Fornet-Betencourt, Parekh, Taylor, Kymlicka, Tully). These lead to the reassessment of minority cultures, the rewriting of the history of solidarity, and the re-examination of the relationship between the center and the periphery within a national territory and in international relations.

The 3rd International Congress of PLURIEL "Islam & Otherness" aims to address this societal movement from the perspective of Islam and beyond identity-based resistance. It will thus focus on how Islam can be considered a 'resource' (Jullien) in order to approach the other in the globalized world. Three approaches will be considered: Geopolitical, Dialogical, and Citizenship.