PISAI, as well as being an academic institution, is also a meeting place for people from all over the world who are committed to the study, research and sharing of experiences of Christian-Muslim relations.

PAA – Pisai Alumni Association – which brings together ex-students of PISAI, aims at maintaining and enriching this feeling of belonging.

PAA seeks to provide an opportunity for continuous and fruitful exchange among those who studied at PISAI and share PISAI values concerning interreligious dialogue, whatever position and responsibility they may presently hold in society.

Among those who studied at Pisai

Anne Marie Quigg Anne Marie Quigg Superior General
Comboni Missionary Sisters
Dominic Eibu, MCCJ Dominic Eibu, MCCJ Bishop
Diocese of Kotido
James Channan, OP James Channan, OP Director
Peace Centre
Lahore, Pakistan
Flavio Pace Flavio Pace Archbishop
Dicastero per la
Promozione dell'Unità
dei Cristiani
Christophorus Tri Harsono Christophorus Tri Harsono Bishop
Diocese of Purkowerto
Java, Indonesia
Carmen Sammut, SMNDA Carmen Sammut, SMNDA Superior General
Missionary Sisters
Our Lady of Africa
Sandra Toenies Keating Sandra Toenies Keating Lecturer
Providence College
Providence, RI
Daniil Matrusov Daniil Matrusov President
Patriarcal Council
for Relations with Islam