1st year of licentiate

This course seeks to offer students an in-depth study of the Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Muslim-Christian relations by means of the following programme:

The 1st Year of the Licentiate attempts to build specific theoretical and practical skills which are evidenced by the achievement of educational objectives. Expressed in terms of learning outcomes, these are the following:

- to know the structure of written literary Arabic that permits the student to read and understand, without excessive difficulty, complex literary and religious texts, both ancient and contemporary;
- to acquire the fundamental scientific concepts of the most important Islamic sciences;
- to possess a scientific method of comparative study of the Scriptures and the theological thought of Christians and of Muslims;
- to be able to to critically elaborate one’s own reflection on the Islamic religion and on Muslim-Christian relations.

Arabic Language (35 ECTS)

This programme offers a deeper study of the Arabic language with a view to enable students to understand, from within, Islamic culture and religious thought. It is divided into three sections throughout the year:

Annual courses:
• Grammar
• Translation from Arabic
• Translation into Arabic
• Composition
• The Qur’an and its interpretation
• Reading and comprehension of literary texts / Mass media
• Christian texts

Semester courses:
• Study of the Sunna (1st semester)
• Islamic texts (2nd semester)

Islamic Studies (18 ECTS)
The programme of Islamic Studies in the 1st Year offers students a deep reflection on the important areas of the Islamic sciences. The lectures will be enriched through the use of original sources offered in translation.
Teaching languages: English and Italian

1. Shi‘i Islam: History and Doctrine (Christopher Clohessy)
Teaching language: English
2. Sufism (Jason Welle)
Teaching language: English
3. Islamic Law (Martin Wullobayi)
Teaching language: English
4. Dialogue with Islam in the Magisterium of the Church (John Borelli)
Teaching language: English
5. Islamic Ethics (Christopher Clohessy)
Teaching language: English
6. Islam in Africa (Augustin Sawadogo)
Teaching language: English
7. Islamic Theology (Adrien Candiard)
Teaching language: English
8. Qur’anic Commentary (Mariangela Laviano)
Teaching language: English
9. Islamic Interpretation of the Bible (Valentino Cottini)
Teaching language: Italian

Muslim-Christian Relations (6 ECTS)
1. Bible and Qur’an. Comparative approach (Valentino Cottini)
Teaching language: Italian
2. Christians and Muslims: Theologies in contrast (Jason Welle)
Teaching language: English

Methodology (1 ECTS)
Methodology for Scientific Research II (Celeste Intartaglia)
Teaching language: Italian

The Islamic Studies courses and those on Muslim-Christian Relations can be followed independently of the Licentiate programme.



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