1st year of licentiate

This course seeks to offer students an in-depth study of the Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Muslim-Christian relations by means of the following programme:

Arabic Language (35 ECTS)
This programme offers a deeper study of the Arabic language with a view to enable students to understand, from within, Islamic culture and religious thought. It is divided into three sections throughout the year:

• Grammar (Hanan Ablahad)
• Translation from Arabic (Celeste Intartaglia)
• Translation into Arabic (Alma Salem)
• Composition (Alma Salem)

• Study of the Qur’an and its interpretation (Diego Sarrió Cucarella)
• Study of the Sunna (Adnane Mokrani)
• Reading and comprehension of literary texts (Bartolomeo Pirone / Wasim Salman)
• Islamic and Christian religious texts (Adnane Mokrani / Martin Wulllobayi)
• Arabic Media (Adnane Mokrani)

Islamic Studies (18 ECTS)
The programme of Islamic Studies in the 1st Year offers students a deep reflection on the important areas of the Islamic sciences. The lectures will be enriched through the use of original sources offered in translation.
Teaching language: English

1. Shi‘i Islam: History and Doctrine (Christopher Clohessy)
2. Qur’anic Commentary (Adnane Mokrani)
3. Christian-Arabic Apologetics (Pierre Masri)
4. Key Themes and Debates in Modern Muslim Approaches to the Qur’ān (David Marshall)
5. Sufism (Jason Welle)
6. Islam in Asia: history and contemporary issues (Thomas Michel)
7. Islamic Ethics (Christopher Clohessy)
8. Islamic Law (Martin Wullobayi)
9. Islamic Theology (Adrien Candiard)

Muslim-Christian Relations (6 ECTS)
1. Bible and Qur’an. Comparative approach (Valentino Cottini)
Teaching language: Italian
2. Christians and Muslims: Theologies in contrast (Jason Welle)
Teaching language: English

Methodology (1 ECTS)
Methodology for Scientific Research II (Celeste Intartaglia)
Teaching language: Italian

The Islamic Studies courses and those on Muslim-Christian Relations can be followed independently of the Licentiate programme.



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