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The programme of studies at PISAI is divided into two cycles: the License and the Doctorate.  During the programme the PISAI is committed to offer to its students a sound knowledge of the Arabic language, in order to make them familiar with the Muslim religious doctrine, mentality and culture. The main goals of the students will be:

  • comprehension of difficult literary Arabic texts
  • oral and written expression in literary Arabic
  • use of the Arabic language for coming to terms with fundamental texts of the Islamic sciences
  • academic knowledge aiming at developing a personal reflection and a critical mind
  • acquisition and development of their ability to do scientific research

The programme provides a full immersion in the study of the Arabic language and its related topics: Koran, classical and modern Koranic commentaries, Islamic tradition, theology, law, philosophy, history, literature, mysticism, Shi’a, Christian Arabic texts, apologetical texts. At the end of the 3rd year, the formulation and final defence of the tesina permit the candidates to put their skill in research and methodology to the test.

To follow the courses of Arabic and Islamics adequately, the PISAI requires knowledge of the following in advance:

a) A thorough knowledge (level C1/C2) of one of these three languages: English, Italian or French; as it will be the student’s official language of communication.

b) A basic (level A2/B1) knowledge of the other two languages, that is, a level which allows the student to follow lectures without too much work.

This basis knowledge (especially of Italian) is in line with what is required by the Pontifical Roman Universities.


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